What does a copywriter do nowadays? (infographic)

What do copywriters do visual guide

A life of a modern copywriter no longer resembles that of a legendary adman David Ogilvy. You can’t refuse to use a mechanical writing tool. In many times, you don’t have comfort to discuss your ideas with an art director, who is at the same time a source of inspiration and a promise you won’t be pushed to deal with visual challenges.

Nowadays, copywriters don’t have a week to write a 300-word piece of body copy and and another week to craft it. You have to type at the speed of the internet, or the internet will eat you up.

From Express Writers comes a fantastic infographic that describes what do a copywriters deal with today.

The visual was originally published five years ago but it was recently updated with facts and stats that better describe challenges copywriters have to face every day.

Make sure to check out the original post on Express Writers blog: What does a copywriter do.

What do copywriters do nowadays infographic

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