Don’t try to make Kindle Scribe your eye-friendly tablet

The 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe is not a perfect device, after all. It comes with a colorless e-paper display, and offers a clean but limited interface. You can count the tools on one hand: dictionary, basic Google and Wikipedia lookup, highlights & notes, and handwriting interface.

Now, compare it to the possibilities of a tablet, no matter which one you use (be it an iPad, Amazon Fire, or Samsung Galaxy). Endless number of apps you can tailor exactly to your needs, ability to switch between these apps, fully-fledged internet browser, videos…

If you use a tablet for learning, writing, and active reading, for instance your Amazon Fire, or an iPad with the Kindle app on it, you may be disappointed with a Kindle Scribe.

Source: Kindle Scribe – 5 reasons you should buy it and 4 you should not

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