Two ways to save on Kindle Scribe during Black Friday 2022

Buy two Kindle Scribe models and save $40 during Black Friday 2022

As I predicted, there is no price deal for Kindle Scribe, but if you are desperate to get the device this year, you can still save some money.

Here are two ways to save on Kindle Scribe this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

▸ Save $40 on the Kindle Scribe bundle – you can keep $40 in your pocket if you buy Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle. It includes the Scribe with the Basic Pen, the fabric cover, and the power adapter. The price is set at $380. It’s $40 less than the sum of all elements bought separately.

▸ Save $40 if you buy two Kindle Scribe models – the other to save on Kindle Scribe this Black Friday is to buy two of them: one with a Basic Pen ($340), the other one with a Premium Pen ($370). Add two Scribe models from this link, select options, and go proceed to checkout. The offer will be automatically applied.

It’s worth keeping in mind that each Scribe comes with a free 4-month Kindle Unlimited plan, worth $40.

The highest saving you can get this Black Friday on the newest Kindle Scribe is $80.

Via: Black Friday 2022 Kindle deals include Kindle 11 and Scribe!

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