What is the relation between curiosity and attention?

Attention vs. curiosity / Illustration by Ludic Creatives for The Curious Advantage

The Curious Advantage is a blog that explores the curiosity and its central role in the digital age.

Several guests talk about things that are related to curiosity: history, science, anthropology, behavior, or business.

Stefan Van der Stigchel, a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Utrecht University, was invited to discuss the relation between curiosity and attention.

💬 We focus our attention on the things that we want to explore, the things that we want to know more about, the things that are relevant to us. The way attention works is that we can only sample a part of the external world at one time, and this forces on us a decision about where to focus. We can all be in the same room, and because we all have different views about the world, we all focus our attention on different things.

The conversation with Stefan Van der Stigchel is accompanied by an involving visual guide prepared by Ludic Creatives.

Full article: Attention with Stefan Van der Stigchel

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