For now, Kindle Scribe can’t convert handwritten notes to digital text

Automatic conversion of handwritten notes to digital text may eventually come to Kindle Scribe, but is not available right now / Image: Amazon

Many users assume that if a device handles handwriting, it can also handle automatic conversion to a digital text.

It’s not what Kindle Scribe can do. For now, the device doesn’t convert your handwritten notes to a text that you can search, edit, or copy.

This info can be found in the Q&A section of Kindle Scribe product page on Amazon:

💬 I just listened to the podcast by Len Edgerly (he has talked about Kindles since day 1) and he interviewed the VP of devices at Amazon who said they may eventually have an update to convert handwritten notes to typed text! That is what I want, too. 

Without automatic text conversion, the Kindle Scribe is not a fully-fledged writing companion.

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