4 days after the launch, Kindle Scribe is out of stock

As of December 4, 2022, Amazon Kindle Scribe is temporarily out of stock / Screenshot: Amazon

If you consider getting Kindle Scribe for Christmas, you may be too late.

Amazon’s latest e-paper device is out of stock, and the company is “working hard to get it back in stock as soon as possible” – which means nothing. It could be within a week or within a few months.

Kindle Scribe comes with a large 10.2-inch high-resolution display, asymmetric design, battery-free pen, and a variety of handwriting templates (notebook, to-do-list, and diary, among them).

The price, set at $339.99 for the variant with 16 GB storage and a basic pen, didn’t discourage customers from buying the device.

The device is great for e-reading, but not so good for writing. A day after the launch, it scored only 3.4/5, based on 34 ratings. Now, it’s a bit better: 3.7 out of 5.

All variants of Kindle Scribe are currently unavailable, regardless of which storage and pen you choose.

The easiest way to track Kindle Scribe availability is to add its product page to bookmarks in your web browser, and click on it every few days. 

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