The benefits of handwriting vs. typing (infographic)

Benefits of handwriting vs. typing infographic / Source: National Pen blog

With the arrival of the Amazon Kindle Scribe, handwriting on digital screens may finally become a common activity.

Writing on the Scribe feels like writing on paper, and that’s because of the glare-free Paperwhite display and the surface that’s “crafted for the best possible reading and writing experience.”

Is Kindle Scribe the one device that could bring the joy of handwriting back? It costs $340, so you should choose wisely. However, the benefits of handwriting are here.

Most of them are listed in a great infographic created a few years ago by the National Pen blog – and most of them apply both to writing on paper and digital screens.

💬 Handwriting allows you to think more thoroughly about the information you’re recording. It encourages you to expand upon your thoughts and form connections between them.

Which benefits of handwriting do you find most convincing?

Source: The Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing [Infographic] – National Pen

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