WSJ: Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2 – key differences

Left: Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon • Right: ReMarkable 2 / Image: ReMarkable

Nicole Nguyen compared for The Wall Street Journal two e-paper devices designed for both reading and writing: Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2.

Here are the highlights:

▸ Kindle Scribe comes with a built-in front light that allows you to work in unfavorable lighting conditions. ReMarkable 2 doesn’t have it.

▸ Compared to the Scribe, ReMarkable 2 has more latency between when the pen touches the screen and when a digital mark appears.

▸ ReMarkable 2 lets you make handwritten notes directly over pdf documents. You can’t do it on the Scribe – you can only write in the pop-up note windows.

▸ Both the Scribe and the ReMarkable 2 don’t offer search for handwritten notes.

▸ Writing is more comfortable on the ReMarkable 2 than the Scribe, as it comes with a more textured surface.

▸ Compared to the Kindle Scribe, the ReMarkable 2 offers more pen options, including stroke width and opacity.

▸ The Kindle Scribe doesn’t convert handwriting to digital text. ReMarkable 2 can do it, although it isn’t always accurate.

▸ Currently, both the ReMarkable 2 and the Kindle Scribe don’t let you access your notes in the browser or app. This option is coming to both devices in the near future.

Kindle Scribe costs $339.99 (16 GB + Basic Pen), and you can buy it on Amazon with a free 4-month Kindle Unlimited plan.

Remarkable 2 costs $399 (plus $49 for the Marker stylus), and you can buy it directly on ReMarkable website. It’s not available on Amazon.

Full article: Amazon Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2 – WSJ

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