4 authors share lessons from their failed book launches

Four lessons from failed book launches / Image: Freepik

Gutsy Creatives blog has an interesting article which deals with failed book launches.

💬 Most authors simply give up on their writing career after one book fails, so they never really learn anything from a failed book launch.

Four authors who have gone through a failed book launch teach us four key lessons:

1. Take advantage of free marketing.

2. Focus on reader engagement and retention.

3. Learn how to create a better book.

4. Take advantage of the data to understand and improve your launch strategy.

With these lessons in mind, you can recover and become more successful despite a failed book launch.

Gusty Creatives is a blog dedicated to inspiring creative entrepreneurs. It provides tips, resources, and inspiration to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their creative businesses.

Full article: 4 Lessons From Failed Book Launches

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