Lit Hub reveals the list of 100+ best book covers of 2022

Best book covers of 2022, picked by top designers / Screenshot: Lit Hub

For the 7th time in a row, Literary Hub compiled a list of the best designed book covers.

Emily Temple, Lit Hub’s managing editor, asked over thirty designers to share their favorite covers of the books released this year.

💬 They came back with a grand total of 103 covers, representing work by 62 different designers for 54 different imprints.

The first place is taken by two designs:

I Want to Keep Smashing Myself Until I Am Whole, written by Elias Canetti. The book cover was designed by Alex Merto, and the illustration was created by Ian Woods.

The Rabbit Hutch, written by Tess Gunty. The book cover was designed by Linda Huang.

Full list: The 103 Best Book Covers of 2022 – Literary Hub

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