16 free tools to expand your writing skills (infographic)

Don’t give up on your writing just because your first draft wasn’t perfect. Take it as an opportunity to prove to yourself you can do better.

From Capital One (formerly known as WikiBuy) comes an infographic that lists free tools that will help you bring your writing to a new level.

💬 These writing tools will help you to summon the writer you know you can be and eliminate that nauseating feeling the next time your hard work is being edited.

On the list, you will find:

▸ Best writing platforms
▸ Best grammar checker tools (some of them already include AI rewriting)
▸ Best productivity tools for writing and editing
▸ Best business writing tools

The infographic is a bit outdated, but it lists lesser-known tools and platforms that are worth giving a try.

Via: 16 Free Tools to Improve Your Website or Blog Content Writing Skills

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