Over 120,000 ebooks are deep-discounted at Smashwords!

Smashwords End of 2022 Sale / Image: Smashwords

Smashwords, a leading online platform for self-published ebooks, runs the 6th Annual End of Year Sale.

The sale is massive, and it’s a great way to get cheap ebooks for Christmas. Over 120,000 titles are discounted by 25, 50, or 75%, including 33,000 erotica books.

As all other Smashwords promotions, the End of Year 2022 Sale is a collaborative event where authors and readers celebrate indie ebooks.

💬 Authors show their appreciation to readers by offering exclusive discounts on their already value-priced ebooks. Readers show their appreciation to authors by loading their carts with deep-discounted books, and by promoting their great finds on social media.

You can pick up the titles from popular categories: fantasy, mystery & detective, romance, business, or anthologies.

At the time of writing this post, there are almost 100,000 free ebooks to download from Smashwords. Some of them have been made free just for the End of Year 2022 Sale.

The Smashwords promotion ends on January 1, 2023.

Smashwords ebook sale December 2022 / Screenshot: Smashwords

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