Artificial intelligence in publishing and research (infographic)

The first use of the term “artificial intelligence” is credited to Dartmouth College professor John McCarthy. He used it in a proposal he submitted to a research conference in 1956. 

In the publishing industry, AI-based tools are being developed and implemented to assist both authors and publishers in handling issues related to:

• Peer review,
• Searching published content,
• Detecting plagiarism,
• Identifying data fabrication.

From Enago Academy comes an infographic that describes the milestones in the development of artificial intelligence in research publishing. It will also let you analyze current trends and amrket growth.

Enago Academy is an online platform that provides educational resources and training for researchers, authors, and students in the field of academic writing and publishing.

Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

Source: Artificial Intelligence in Research and Publishing – Enago Academy

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