A foldable Kindle makes a lot of sense – as long as it’s the Scribe

Foldable Kindle concept, compared to Paperwhite 5 / Visualization by Piotr Kowalczyk @ Geek Updated

Almost a year ago, I created a visualization of the foldable Kindle (several images there). 

At that time, I was highly skeptic about the idea. The biggest issue was the size.

Should the foldable Kindle be the same or twice the size of the one-page 6-inch model?

If the answer is twice the size, it would be too heavy, compared to the 6-inch model. You would probably not be able to hold it in one hand.

And then Kindle Scribe was released. The 10-inch experience is here, and we can expect new generations every two years.

As the Scribe is not only for reading, but also writing, it will be used more like a tablet. The foldable iPad with a kickstand in on the way, and it will most probably be released in 2024.

The foldable Kindle Scribe would be equally reasonable. The foldable design would be a way to further increase the display size.

The foldable Kindle Scribe – what do you think?

Source: A foldable Kindle – why it doesn’t make much sense – Geek Updated

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