Does the color of the Kindle matter at all?

Kindle Paperwhite in Agave Green / Image: Ebook Friendly

Would you buy a Kindle mainly because of its color?

Kindle Paperwhite is now available in two new colors, and that fact made me think about the importance of the device color.

A long time ago, when every Kindle had a large bezel around the display, the color of the plastic could change the way you perceived the device. I remember the excitement when a white Kindle 8 was launched back in 2016.

These days are over. Sooner or later, every Kindle model will come with an all-glass front. Does the color of the back matter at all? It’s hidden behind the case, anyway.

It matters if you are using a sleeve. There are many reasons why a Kindle sleeve is better than a cover. You can use it with more than one Kindle model, and it will let you enjoy the beauty of your device at all times.

Another reason to go for a unique Kindle color is when you use a clear case. For instance, a highly popular Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 clear case from Mission Cables costs $21.99 and comes with a free screen protector.

Via: Kindle Paperwhite now comes in Agave Green and Denim, prices are cut by even $50

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