What is the best iPad digital planner app with a handwriting support?

Best digital planners for iPad / Image: Geek Updated

Digital planner apps can help you organize your tasks, schedule events, track goals, and jot ideas. They usually include features such as reminders, task lists, calendars, and notes.

Recently, I have released a list of the best digital planner apps for iPad and iPhone. When it comes to handwriting, the apps support Apple Pencil the same way as all other apps.

However, most apps support handwriting in text fields, not over the planner layout. There is one prominent exception here: Good Notes 5.

The app is a combination of a digital notepad and a PDF markup tool. It’s capable of recognizing your handwriting (even when you can’t) and converting it to text.

You can choose from a large set of beautiful covers and useful paper templates. Among the templates you will find checklists, planners, and to-dos. Sounds like we’re at home!

There is no dedicated calendar feature, but you can easily turn Good Notes 5 into a handwritten digital planner by creating a folder with notes that are aimed at meeting your goals.

You can start with a free version, and if you like the app, you can upgrade to a full version for $8.99. The Universal Daily Planner variant is $12.99.

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