Kindle Scribe is $50 off for National Reading Month 2023!

Amazon Kindle Scribe price cut – $50 off for a variant with 16 GB of storage and the Basic Pen / Screenshot: Amazon

As expected, the first even Kindle Scribe price cut comes to celebrate the 2023 edition of National Reading Month. 

The entry-level variant, with 16 GB of storage and the Basic Pen, costs now only $289.99, which is a 15% price drop from $339.99. I was expecting the price to be lowered to just $299.99.

If you decide to invest in a variant with the 32 GB of storage and Premium Pen, you will also save 15%. The price is right now set at $329.99, instead of $389.99.

Plus, in every variant, you save $30 on a free, 3-month Kindle Unlimited plan. The deal ends on Sunday, March 26, 2023, so hurry!

Via: Kindle Scribe gets the first price cut ever – Ebook Friendly

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