Smashwords authors will soon be able to sell their ebooks on Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus subscription is available in three plans / Screenshot: Rakuten Kobo

Kobo Plus is a digital subscription that gives unlimited access to over 1.3 million ebooks and 100,000 audiobooks for a monthly fee at $12.99.

Unlike Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus members can add to their libraries as many titles as possible.

Recently, Rakuten, the company that owns Kobo, announced that the subscription will be extended to the UK and US.

In an email to registered users, Smashwords shared the news that Kobo Plus will soon be added to a distribution list, along the standard earn-per-copy Kobo channel.

The great thing about Kobo Plus subscription is that, opposite to Kindle Direct Publishing, it does not require exclusivity. Therefore, Smashwords authors can sell a single title on all ebook platforms.

💬 As is standard with all new channel introductions such as this, we’re writing you in advance to let you know you have until April 20, 2023 to opt out of this opportunity if you do not wish to participate. 

There is one thing to keep in mind. After April 20, 2023, the only way to opt out of Kobo Plus will be together with Kobo, as for now these two services are tied together.

However, later this year, after a migration to Draft2Digital, Smashwords authors will be able to manage the standard Kobo and Kobo Plus subscription separately.

Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform that enables authors, publishers and literary agents to publish and distribute ebooks and other digital content worldwide. It enables authors to easily format and publish their books, and enlists them in major ebook platforms.

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