5 common grammar errors and examples of the correct use (infographic)

5 common grammar errors and the ways to fix them / Source: GrammarCheck

Grammar errors can impact our communication and credibility. They create confusion and undermine the effectiveness of our message.

From GrammarCheck comes a new infographic that focuses on common grammar errors, such as subject-verb disagreement, run-on sentences, or misplaced modifiers, together with examples of the correct use.

A section about misplaced modifiers is particularly helpful. When a modifier is placed too far from the word it describes, it creates confusion about what it refers to.

Bad: The dog chased the cat with a wagging tail.
Good: With a wagging tail, the dog chased the cat.

Click on the infographic to see it enlarged.

Source: 5 Common Grammar Errors and How to Fix Them (Infographic) – GrammarCheck

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