Why humans need AI and why AI needs humans (infographic)

60% of humans expect our lives to change significantly because of AI in the next 3 to 5 years.

Smashwords authors will soon be able to sell their ebooks on Kobo Plus

The great thing about Kobo Plus subscription is that it does not require exclusivity. Therefore, Smashwords authors can sell a single title on all ebook platforms.

What is the best iPad digital planner app with a handwriting support?

Good Notes 5 is a combination of a digital notepad and a PDF markup tool. It’s capable of recognizing your handwriting.

Artificial intelligence was extremely clever long before ChatGPT

Back in 2019, I used an early AI tool based on GPT-2 language model to complete famous quotes about books and reading.

What is the age of artificial intelligence in human years?

I opened OpenAI Playground and asked a question: “How old is artificial intelligence in human years?”

Does the color of the Kindle matter at all?

Sooner or later, every Kindle model will come with an all-glass front. Does the color of the back matter at all? It’s hidden behind the case, anyway.

A foldable Kindle makes a lot of sense – as long as it’s the Scribe

The foldable design would be a way to further increase the display size of the Kindle Scribe.

This children’s book was written and illustrated during a weekend with the help of AI

Ammaar Reshi spent a weekend to co-create the book, Alice and Sparkle, and self-publish it on Amazon.

Polish words that are most difficult to pronounce

Most difficult Polish words, presented in a typical Polish folk style, complete with phonetic notations.

6 most useful Kindle features of all time, according to The Kindle Chronicles host

Recently, About Amazon blog asked Len Edgerly to share the list of the best Kindle features of all time.

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