A quick trick to find which Prime Video titles are available in your country

There is no way to explore the catalog of Prime Video movies if you are not registered and logged in. But you can easily do it using Google web search.

Everything you need to know about iPhone Continuity Camera webcam feature

Start using your iPhone as your Mac’s webcam – here are the key things to know and facts to clarify about iPhone Continuity Camera feature.

If you missed it: how to turn on Google Docs pageless mode

Enable Google Docs pageless mode and stop worrying about the layout you never plan to print.

How to get full Kindle ebooks directly to iPad? Use a subscription

Kindle app for iPad and iPhone lets you only download free samples. You will need to visit Amazon website to buy a full ebook. Here are two ways to fix this inconvenience. Read more at Geek Updated: iPad and iPhone: how to get full Kindle ebooks directly?

Most gifted books and audiobooks on Amazon – the complete guide

The problem is that not every best selling book would make a great gift. And not every book that’s a great gift would make it to a bestseller list. That’s why it’s always good to know what most other users are giving as gifts. Amazon has a great tool for that – here is what …

Your Kindle books, notes, and highlights are now available online in one place

Your Kindle books, highlights, and notes are now available online in one place. Personal notebooks are coming in early 2023. Amazon has finally unified online access to your Kindle books, notes, and highlights

Is Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) compatible with my old case? — Geek Updated

My advice is that you should not buy a new case until you try the old one. It may fit better than you think. Despite product descriptions, the new and old Fire model have the same dimensions as well as shape. 873 more words Is Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) compatible with my old case? — …

How to use Kindle with audiobooks? Which model is the best?

Are you planning to use your Kindle to listen to audiobooks? Which Kindle model do you have? Is it the best one for audiobook playing? Which Kindle is the best for audiobooks?

Amazon Kindle email tips and tricks

Kindle email is a special email address that you can use to send own ebooks to your Kindle. You can customize it any time.

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