Using AI in research manuscript creation (infographic)

Can AI tools prepare a research manuscript from scratch? Artificial intelligence can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort for researchers. But there are cons, too.

Why humans need AI and why AI needs humans (infographic)

60% of humans expect our lives to change significantly because of AI in the next 3 to 5 years.

5 common grammar errors and examples of the correct use (infographic)

Grammar errors can impact our communication and credibility. They create confusion and undermine the effectiveness of our message.

Flowcharts explain the current structure of the Big Five publishers

With so many imprints, it’s easy to get lost which book was released by which publishing house. These flowcharts explain the current structure of the Big Five.

How to create a perfect author website (infographic)

Author websites can be used to establish credibility and as a hub for professional activities, both online and in real life.

8 quick tips to make your writing more efficient (infographic)

It’s possible to become a more efficient writer and make your work more enjoyable, without going through frustration, writer’s block, and moments of despair.

6 most common types of story conflict (infographic)

What type of conflict are you most likely to use in your stories?

The top tech trends of 2023 (infographic)

The rise of super apps, bots in the house, virtual power plants, or smell going digital. Which trend do you want to observe?

How will artificial intelligence influence our lives? (chart)

More than one-third of respondents believe the AI will influence education, safety, employment, shopping, and transportation. 

Five trends that are helping data storytelling grow (infographic)

Information overload, moving beyond text, democratization of content creation are fueling the rise of data storytelling

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