Kindle Scribe is $50 off for National Reading Month 2023!

The entry-level variant, with 16 GB of storage and the Basic Pen, costs now only $289.99, which is a 15% price drop from $339.99.

What does your handwriting say about you? (infographic)

Did you know there are over 5,000 personality traits that one’s handwriting can indicate?

Does the color of the Kindle matter at all?

Sooner or later, every Kindle model will come with an all-glass front. Does the color of the back matter at all? It’s hidden behind the case, anyway.

A foldable Kindle makes a lot of sense – as long as it’s the Scribe

The foldable design would be a way to further increase the display size of the Kindle Scribe.

A composition notebook case for Kindle Scribe!

An iconic composition notebook case is destined for Kindle Scribe. So far, it’s offered by Fintie. 

This children’s book was written and illustrated during a weekend with the help of AI

Ammaar Reshi spent a weekend to co-create the book, Alice and Sparkle, and self-publish it on Amazon.

12 years ago, Amanda Hocking became the most famous self-publisher in the world

In less than a year, Amanda Hocking sold over 900 thousand copies of her nine novels.

6 most useful Kindle features of all time, according to The Kindle Chronicles host

Recently, About Amazon blog asked Len Edgerly to share the list of the best Kindle features of all time.

Looking for a Kindle case? Maybe all you need is a decent sleeve

The most interesting sleeves, bags, and organizers that are compatible with current Kindle models.

A cute drawing made on the Kindle Scribe!

If you can create such drawings, perhaps it’s not that bad, after all? Or is it just the talent of the Scribe's owner?

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