What is the best iPad digital planner app with a handwriting support?

Good Notes 5 is a combination of a digital notepad and a PDF markup tool. It’s capable of recognizing your handwriting.

12 empowering charts and infographics for writers and readers

Helpful charts with tips about writing, reading, learning, productivity, and daily routines.

Looking for a Kindle case? Maybe all you need is a decent sleeve

The most interesting sleeves, bags, and organizers that are compatible with current Kindle models.

4 authors share lessons from their failed book launches

With these lessons in mind, you can recover and even become more successful despite a failed book launch.

8 benefits of listening to audiobooks (quick guide)

Audiobooks help you multitask, learn new things, improve your reading skills and grammar, relax, and pass the time.

5 ways to overcome imposter syndrome (quick guide)

Imposter syndrome is when you have a feeling of incompetence and self-doubt, despite your experience and accomplishments.

50+ best Black Friday 2022 deals for writers, in one handy list

Classic notebooks, retro Bluetooth keyboards, t-shirts, mugs, writing-friendly tablets, workspace accessories, voice recording devices, jewelry, games, and more!

Here is a NaNoWriMo 2022 reading list from NYPL

Carrie McBride from The New York Public Library has revealed a list of 20 books that may help writers meet their NaNoWriMo 2022 goals.

Here are this year’s smartest gadgets to buy as gifts

Are you looking for the best electronic or electronic-related gadgets that you could use yourself or buy as a gift for a tech lover in your life? On the web, you can find plenty of lists putting together premium products from Apple, Bose, or Bang & Olufsen that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Geek …

The best Amazon Fire tablet accessories and gifts to buy this holiday season

Are you looking for an innovative but affordable Amazon Fire accessory that you can use yourself or gift someone? This list includes products for every taste and need. A cozy pillow stand, a flight-friendly power bank, an innovative pillow stand, a foldable keyboard with a touchpad? Start exploring! Source: 14 best Amazon Fire tablet accessories …

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