Flowcharts explain the current structure of the Big Five publishers

With so many imprints, it’s easy to get lost which book was released by which publishing house. These flowcharts explain the current structure of the Big Five.

This quiet garden studio is a writer’s dream workspace

Architects from Harrison Design created a contemporary, 400-sq. ft., wood-and-glass studio for a writer who sought a quiet refuge.

A foldable Kindle makes a lot of sense – as long as it’s the Scribe

The foldable design would be a way to further increase the display size of the Kindle Scribe.

12 empowering charts and infographics for writers and readers

Helpful charts with tips about writing, reading, learning, productivity, and daily routines.

A cute drawing made on the Kindle Scribe!

If you can create such drawings, perhaps it’s not that bad, after all? Or is it just the talent of the Scribe's owner?

This single picture shows the magic of ebooks

One beautiful object that contains hundreds or thousands of books, available in a few taps. It's magic!

Nostalgia: the first-generation Kindle was released 15 years ago

The first-generation Kindle, released on November 19, 2007, was sold out in 5.5 hours and remained unavailable for 5 months. The first-ever Kindle ($399) was equipped with the 6-inch grayscale E-Ink display and 250 MB of internal storage, which could hold approximately hold 200 non-illustrated ebooks. Due to the heavy customer demand, the Kindle was …

White Kindle Paperwhite visualizations

White Kindle Paperwhite visualization - white front

To see how the white Kindle Paperwhite would look like, and discuss why it hasn't been launched yet, I've prepared a simple visualization showing two possible variants - with the white vs. black front.

A candle for writer’s block smells like…

A candle for writer's block

Whiskey River Soap Co. offers on Amazon a cool-looking scented candle for writer's block. The label says "smells like refrigerated ideas and probably a vampire", but the description is more tangible: "cheap whiskey scented". Something relevant for editing rather than writing. "Write drunk, edit sober," remember? And if you want to get a scented candle …

How to make 1 million on Kindle (cartoon)

How to make 1 million on Kindle #cartoon

A cartoon by Chris Desatoff.

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