Artificial intelligence was extremely clever long before ChatGPT

Back in 2019, I used an early AI tool based on GPT-2 language model to complete famous quotes about books and reading.

12 empowering charts and infographics for writers and readers

Helpful charts with tips about writing, reading, learning, productivity, and daily routines.

Polish words that are most difficult to pronounce

Most difficult Polish words, presented in a typical Polish folk style, complete with phonetic notations.

Famous writers respond to a debut author commenting on her failed book signing

Low #booksigning turnout? Read the stories from Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Jodie Picoult, and Stephen King #writers #authors

OMG was first used 100 years ago in a letter to Winston Churchill

In the letter, Lord Fisher, a former Admiral of the Fleet, was discussing the naval operation of the Germans on the Baltic Sea.

Report: the average length of a bestselling book decreased by 12%

The average length of the NYT bestseller decreased by 11.8% between 2011 to 2021 – from 438 to 386 pages.

Check out the National Book Awards 2022 winners in five categories

Winners of the National Book Awards 2022

In fiction, the winner is "The Rabbit Hutch," a debut novel by Tess Gunty. The award in nonfiction goes to Imani Perry, for "South to America."

Time to vote for the best books of 2022 in the 14th Goodreads Choice Awards!

The opening round of Goodreads Choice Awards 2022 takes place until November 27. From November 29 to December 4 you can vote in the final round.

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