WordPress gallery without plugin and javascript

WordPress gallery without plugin - a short guide

You can open gallery images in a lightbox-like view using image attachment, proper styling, and a function that finds gallery shortcode in a parent post. If you are looking for ways to replace a gallery plugin, like Jetpack's Gallery Carousel, with something simpler, here is what you can get by using the idea shared below: …

WordPress: add nofollow and custom class to insert link box

WordPress add nofollow and class to insert link box without plugin

The default WordPress insert link box is missing one important option: the ability to add rel="nofollow". In this post you'll learn how to fix it. Plus how to add a custom class to insert link box. You don't want to have every outgoing link crawled by search engines. In such a case, to add rel="nofollow" you'll …

Issue with sharing WordPress posts to Facebook – how to deal with it

Sharing to Facebook shows Page not found

Are your scheduled WordPress posts get shared on Facebook as 'Page not found'? Here is the explanation and a fix.

Add character count to title and excerpt in WordPress post editor

Add character count to title and excerpt in WordPress post editor without the plugin.

Facebook: “Sorry, there was a problem with this link” – should we worry?

Leaving Facebook - Sorry there was something wrong with the link

If you run a WordPress blog and have WP.com stats installed via Jetpack, check out whether new link groups appeared in the Referrers section: l.facebook.com - from desktop computers lm.facebook.com - from mobile devices These links are an extra source on top of regular links from Facebook, marked with a Facebook icon. They are something …

How to properly connect Jetpack Publicize to Google+

Check Jetpack settings on Google+

Jetpack's Publicize module is the only free tool I know of that can automatically share new WordPress posts to both Google+ business page and Google+ personal profile. It's very easy to set up a connection via Publicize - but it's not the only thing to do, if you want the highest possible coverage on Google+. …

WordPress: get a debug information without showing it to blog visitors

Sometimes there is an error in your WordPress installation that you can't spot by checking all the settings or disabling plugins one by one which supposedly are causing it. Then the only way to get a list of errors is by switching WP_DEBUG from a default "false" to "true". You can change it in wp-config.php …

Check your Google+ settings after updating Yoast SEO to

Yoast SEO Google Plus publisher URL

If I had to name one plugin that you should be extremely careful when making an upgrade, it is Yoast WordPress SEO. It is really a good habit to go through all the settings and check out source files to spot changes and strange behavior. In the changelog for update of Yoast SEO we …

How to bring Helvetica back to WordPress dashboard

Change WordPress dashboard to Helvetica - after

Back in December WordPress launched version 3.8. One of the biggest visible changes was a modern design of the admin dashboard. This was done with one smart change: Open Sans replaced Helvetica as the default font. One side of your brain may shout "Excellent! This is what I've been waiting for!". Helvetica is boring, used …

Using Ginger spell checker in WordPress

Ginger spell checker and grammar tool

Many WordPress bloggers use After the Deadline as a default way to check spelling before hitting the Publish button. It's a part of Jetpack, but you can still download it as a separate WordPress plugin. If you needed more than that, you probably tested Grammarly or Ginger spell checking and grammar-improving tools. I've used a free trial …

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