Welcome to the absurd twee-da-blah of Twitter

Absurd tweetsI hope I’ll manage this thing. This project needs some more explanation than just 140 letters (yeah, someone, who can’t write lots of books, can at least write lots of projects, see my Google-translated fiction idea, f.e.).

It’s a bit inspired by Roland Topor’s “Mémoires d’un vieux con” (Amazon missed it, what a pity). The book is about  a fiction guy, who “knows them all” (Kafka, de Toulouse-Lautrec, Cocteau, Shaw and many others). I thought it could be a really great thing to bring this idea to Twitter. To all those coffee, bed, bathroom, sofa and fridge situations, where you reveal part of your intimate life. Together with Madoff eating your sausages? Or Obarrack singing in your fridge? Why not.

I was looking for a good reason to start absurd twee-da-blahs. Obama’s inaugural was a first shot. But before that a 178,5-seater had safely landed in my Hudson-smelling breakfast coffee.

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