Human +/- Technology

A self-expanding collection of thoughts on an intensive and complicated relation between human and technology, prepared by a writer like me for a geek like you.

A first device which is really making people’s life easy, hasn’t been developed yet.

There are bad and good devices. The latter ones you can eventually turn off.

Pleasure of coping with technology can be compared only to pleasure of coping with somebody who is more stupid than I am.

I already know that I’ll die holding a device in my hand.

I love technology, but I hate it.

The machine will become an invisible part of a human. This is better than the other way round.

Technology is destructive as a whole – opposite to humans who are destructive as individuals.

Technology will never ever replace the man, but there is a possibility it will remove him.

In a man’s world there is more and more place for a machine. In a machine’s world there is less and less place for a man.

Technology is a best prove that a man loves to have control over things he doesn’t understand.

When it comes to dealing with technology we all fail, only some of us are not aware of it.

Technology is our own child. It’s inevitable that one day teenage rebellion will come.

Using technology is a problem. Not using technology is a mistake.

Every day I’m asking myself a question: will technology seize a man before a man seizes technology?

People will lose the fight with technology. Opposite to the machines they still can’t be upgraded.

Things and notions are replaced be new ones at such a fast pace, that we have no other choice, but getting used much quicker.

Devices are needed by a man to do things he would’t need to do before.

Technology is a threat to human kind, because it’s a salvation to a human.

Technology becomes invisible, similar to problems it evokes.

Technology? Easy thing, just press the button and watch your life collapsing.

It’s time to legalize man’s love to technology.

Technology helps to be in many places at the same time, and you know what happens when more than one person has to make a decision.

A man can’t escape from technology any longer, but technology can already escape from a man.

GPS navigation helps you find way, except situations when it helps you go mad.

Google Translate is passing the same amount of information as a human who doesn’t listen.

We live in such times, when a man is surrounded by more devices than humans.

I love gadgets, but every day they prove this is not mutual.

A device is better than a man in one single thing: it makes you irritated only when you turn it on.

What is the difference between weather and technology? There isn’t any, both are unpredictable.

Technology is to bring help that is to bring trouble.

Nowadays we can imagine ourselves living without another person, but can’t imagine living without another device.

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