Best Self-published Books in Kindle Store in June, John Locke Out of Top 100

A couple of days ago I’ve prepared for Ebook Friendly a June edition of Top Self-published Books in Kindle Store.

Below I’d like to share a major outcome, and in my opinion the biggest surprise – John Locke didn’t make it to Kindle Store’s Top 100.

The author of the Donovan Creed series recently joined Kindle Million Club as he sold more than 1 million ebooks. This fact was largely covered and analyzed in media and blogosphere. It helped his books climb the charts again, but was not enough to get included in the June list.

Amanda Hocking was a superstar at the beginning of the year, but already in April her books were sliding down the bestseller lists. John Locke in a very clever way leveraged Hocking’s success to gain popularity. In April, he had 8 titles listed in Top 100.

As Locke claims, he sold 1 million ebooks in just 5 months – it’s a fantastic result and a golden example of successful self-publishing. Nevertheless, the next one million is not going to happen this year. Locke doesn’t have much to offer – prices are lowest possible. The only way is to write and publish new books.

The examples of Hocking and Locke are worth keeping in mind. So far it looks like self-published bestselling authors live short in Top 100.

Check the full post for interesting tables, comparisons and explanation how the lists were created.

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