Password Incorrect – mobile flash fiction

This is a press release of my “Password Incorrect”, probably a first e-book designed for mobile reading.

pi1[18.10.2008] – Nick Name’s “Password Incorrect” is a selection of short stories addressed especially for mobile users. The book was designed to be downloaded for free to iPhone, which among its many other features seems to be also a great e-book reader. Opposite to devices specifically designed for e-book reading, which still look inattractive and suffer early stage problems, iPhone with it’s large color screen, smooth interface and milions of users has the real power of rediscovering the pleasure of reading books – so that we could hear a louder „bye, bye” to paper.

The time for the reader’s change of mind is perfect. With Stanza application, which allows to read books in ePub format on iPhone/iPod and Feedbooks’s Online Catalog, a typical gadget-hunting, forward-looking consumer, who perceives reading paper books as an outdated way of spending time – can rediscover book reading – or reinvent it.

Book description

25 stories, sometimes funny and sometimes mean, selected for „Password Incorrect” are addressing the world of the new type of a reader… and spot the absurd of our present day lives: fights with the less and less comprehensible equipment, pursuit of the latest technological news, pitfalls of our modern lifestyle, useless inventions and issues racing in all directions at a breakneck speed. A lot of entertainment and a little food for thought.

Just perfect for the moment when you’re finally bored with exploring the alarm settings on your new iPhone.

How to download the book?

Step 1
Go to iTunes, and then to App Store. Find Stanza application and download it to your iPhone. Until 18th of October 2008 you can get a free version of this program.

Step 2
Open Stanza in your iPhone, go to “Online Catalog”, select “Free Books by Feedbooks”, and then search for the book by name or title.


Password Incorrect
Wishes Shovel Best
A Man Called Desk

Part-Time Evening Elementary School
Happiness in a Four-pack
Fetus Replacement IQ Booster
Kefir on a Very Bad Day
Nose Number 32
The Language of Worldwide Communication
An Inquisition-Style Massage
Puddle Skin Care
All-in-One EveryToy
Mr. Copypaste
Parachute No Limit
Coma Longer Than Expected
An Impulse Purchase
Ul Fas Spe Rea Course
The Robotic Intelligence Test
Soup a Priori
An Orbital Flight With a Small Surprise

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