Read an E-Book Week 2011: I’m giving away my geek books!

This year’s Read an E-Book Week (March 6 – 12) is truly exceptional and I want to be a part of this event as much as I can. Apart from creating an infographic about the history of e-books, I’d like to share with you my geek fiction stories published at Smashwords – completely for free. Before proceeding to checkout just enter a relevant promotional code (shown later in this post).

The codes are valid from now on until March the 13th.

What is geek fiction? Short stories for geeks, who struggle with technology, which in many cases instead of bringing help is creating problems. So if you’ll be reading the stories on your iPad and the battery will suddenly die – that’s the world described in both Password Incorrect and Failure Confirmed.

The good thing about Smashwords is that the books are available in many formats, including epub and mobi, so you can read them practically on any device. If you’re a geek but haven’t tried reading an e-book, the time has come to do it.

And check Read an E-book Week site as well as #ebookweek tag on Twitter. Many authors are reducing prices of their e-books or offer free downloads. I’m sure you’ll find a good book for yourself.

Password Incorrect

Coupon code: QJ93G

Description: A first volume of a tech-absurd short story collection. Designed to be a perfect mobile reading for geeks, who sometimes feel the need to recover from tech-related stress. In a book you’ll find 20 stories, which can help you redefine “absurd” from “being ridiculous” to “being funny”. Bonus: 10 best hashtagstories – author’s original Twitter microfiction format.

Failure Confirmed

Coupon code: BB44U

Description: Volume 2 of a tech-absurd collection. 20 new stories, 10 new hashtagstories. All of them proving, that life can be exciting even if you’re not taking part in an expedition to North Pole or enjoying parties on Ibiza. A full adrenaline is guaranteed if you have a shiny laptop which is about to say: “Fatal error: Call to a member function loadObject() on line 666”.



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