A composition notebook case for Kindle Scribe!

Kindle Scribe composition notebook case by Fintie / Visualization by Geek Updated

Like no other Amazon e-reader, Kindle Scribe is a great writing companion. It is the first Kindle that supports handwriting.

You can use the pen that comes free with the Scribe to make handwritten notes, annotations, or write your own notebooks, journal entries, and lists.

Writing on the Scribe feels like writing on paper. Handwritten document markup is possible with pdf files.

And here comes the iconic composition notebook design.

The pseudo-marbling composition notebook pattern emerged in Western Europe in the mid-19th century. However, the origins of this timeless design, that’s loved by users all over the world, date back to the 12th century Japan.

A composition notebook case is destined for Kindle Scribe. It’s offered by Fintie on Amazon.

With a price set at $36.99, this slim case comes with a pen loop and automatically wakes the design on opening. Premium hard back shell locks your tablet in place and absorbs drops and bumps

Check out more cases and sleeves for Kindle Scribe.

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